Cory W's web page:

Welcome to I'm Cory W — this is my personal web site. If you're not new here, you may find what you're looking for on my old SharePoint server at or even my really old SharePoint server at or on the doku at

I've done this on and off for probably 20 years at this point, but, I'm getting back into web gardening again, and, this time around (2024-04+) I'm probably going to focus more on the garden aspect than the blog or feed aspect.

Stenoweb doesn't mean anything in particular, other than being a remnant of a moment in high school when I was taking daily notes on a Gregg-ruled steno pad, typically one per either academic term, calendar year, or season, or just whenever I ran out of pages. (the books are typically 80 pages apiece.)

To start, this page is a holding zone for information pertaining to my current primary hobby: Minidisc.

Over time, I'll re-build the most important information from my previous web sites.

You can find me or other things I write in various other places: